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Recent Carousel Charts News

APRIL 15, 2006 Orem, Utah--Carousel Charts, LLC will participate in "The Needelwork Show" Spring 2006 online tradshow April 19-24, 2006. Games, puzzles, doorprises, and exciting new product offerings are like other needlework tradeshows, but with Web-enabled international attendance by consumers and thier buyers.

At show, designers exhibit in the only wholesale needlework show in the virtual world. Store buyers cut guesswork from chart purchasing because consumers are able to view and communicate product preferences to their local shops. Cindy Ward writes "At physical tradeshows, buyers have to 'guess' at what their customers will like. During The Needlework Show, our buyers can have show days in their store.... customers ... SEE new products and [shops] enjoy more sales. For vendors, consumer viewing pages mean that more people see their products, so consumers can now say 'I want this!'"

The Needlework Tradeshow also marks a change in distribution strategy for Carousel Charts, with a goal to improve offline distribution while moving online sales of PDF deliverables to other venues. Online products will become a subset of the larger print distribution process due to customer preference. "This is an aggressive change for us at this time," states Foutin. Traditional high resolution print products sold through large distributors as well as designer direct to local needlework shows is a well established process and still the dominant distribution method in the counted cross stitch industry.

Consumers, wholesalers and local needlework shop buyers can view beautiful counted cross stitch products online, anytime, at In addition, will display current products for the entire 2006 calendar year.

With the advent of the Internet, many cross stitch designers offer some example charts for free download so buyers can assess design quality and results. Similarly, will continue to offer downloadable free promotional pieces that support other sales channels.

Subject-specific charitable donations from designer profits are still carefully integrated into the business plan. JR Foutin explains it this way: "Inspiring cross-stitch patterns linked to a worthy cause is a natural transition for cross stitch enthusiasts. Enjoying a finished work is double the fun knowing a contribution was made to a worthy cause."

Carousel Charts can be contacted by email at, or phone (801) 318-6788. Headquarters are currently located at 1397 North 80 West, Orem, Utah, USA.

JANUARY 1, 2005, Orem, Utah--Carousel Charts, LLC horses trot on Froogle search.

Carousel Charts is now found on Froogle, "froo·gle (fru'gal) n. Smart shopping through Google (" Google's online shopping search organizes product information so online shoppers can compare products by topic and price-range. Froogle also offers store and product ratings and reviews for a more effective online shopping experience. Froogle does not accept payment for product listings, but does require merchants like Carousel Charts to follow strict submission rules, with two separate inclusion reviews prior to being accepted to the Froogle database.

Carousel Charts began offering downloadable counted cross stitch charts in the 4th quarter of 2004, then chose Froogle because of the advanced system to help shoppers find what they want, quickly. "We think Froogle is an excellent way for people to find carousel-specific counted cross stitch patterns online," said lead designer Janet Foutin. "Carousel Charts are easy to find with subject-specific searches."

Currently, the flagship carousel series which includes a navy, hunter and raspberry configuration for the White Rose Jumper by Parker (cir. 1917), can be found easily on Froogle with key words or phrases like "carousel cross stitch." All three charts feature the jumper horse in a similar setting, but with specific pattern variations to accomodate a wider choice of background fabric colors. For example, the raspberry jumper has a blue canopy with a rose oval frame, while the navy and hunter charts have a deep rose canopy and respective oval frame variations. Carousel Charts offers several color schemes so customers can choose the best color story for their decor, especially since these charts are dominant room-accessory projects, designed for framing in a standard or custom 16x20 frame.

Froogle expects a weekly update to their database from Carousel Charts, which means any changes in price, new product offerings or other product details will continually be fresh and new on Froogle. Carousel Charts will maintain an ongoing feed to Froogle for 2005, with all Carousel Charts online product offerings.

Carousel Charts can be contacted via email at, or phone (801) 226-6932. Headquarters are currently located at 1397 North 80 West, Orem, Utah, USA.

NOVEMBER 3, 2004 Orem, Utah--Carousel Charts, LLC announces a new concept in cross-stitch patterns and a new website at

Cross stitch enthusiasts will find highly crafted charts or patterns in beautiful designs to download after purchase, via the Web. Carousel Charts cross stitch patterns are shown with several potential color stories, so compatible background fabric colors for the intended display area can be chosen with confidence.

Additionally, subject-specific charitable donations from net profits are carefully integrated into the business plan. "Inspiring cross-stitch patterns linked to support of worthy causes is a natural transition for cross stitch enthusiasts" said Carousel Charts' artist Janet R. Foutin. "People choose pattern subjects because they feel an affinity for that topic. Enjoying a finished work is double the fun with a contribution to something they care about."

Ms. Foutin added, "Everyone knows any cross stitch pattern can easily be photocopied, scanned or transfered hand to hand or over the Web with little regard to copyright laws. By incorporating an incentive that focuses on and encourages purchase through legal distribution, we hope to raise awareness in a positive way for pattern designers and chart buyers alike. Ultimately, it is a good example of what any business could do to help build better communities."

Carousel Charts will roll out several topic categories before the end of 2004, just in time for post-holiday in-door months when cross-stitchers work to improve interior decor. Downloadable charts make great gifts, with heirloom value often associated with finished work. Carousel Charts are reasonably priced and are easy to buy, download, and print from any color printer.

Carousel Charts can be contacted by email at, or phone (801) 226-6932. Headquarters are currently located at 1397 North 80 West, Orem, Utah, USA.


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